Our Innovation

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The proprietary Raydiant Index uses principles of pulse oximetry to directly measure fetal oxygen levels with a safe, external, single use photonic sensor.


The Raydiant Oximetry sensor is easy to use and apply, with no disruption to clinical workflows.

Our technology supports the WHO’s goal of reducing global maternal mortality ratio to <70 per 10,000 live births by 2030.

We are introducing a new technology to more accurately detect fetal distress, using non-invasive, trans-abdominal fetal pulse oximetry.

Fetal heart rate (FHR) monitors fail to identify fetal distress over 50% of the time, and results in a 89% false positive rate which leads to the overuse of emergency C-sections.

Raydiant is introducing a new vital sign to more accurately detect fetal distress and to thereby reduce the overuse of unnecessary surgical interventions.