Be part of a technological
breakthrough in fetal medicine

Raydiant Oximetry is offering its investors the chance to be part of a fundamental transformation in obstetrics, worldwide.


What’s at the root of rising maternal morbidity and mortality?

It’s a sobering fact that more women die of pregnancy-related complications in America than they do in any other developed country. What’s more, only in America is this death rate rising and disproportionally affecting black women - black women are 3X more likely to die in childbirth than white women.

A number of causes lie at the heart of this and Raydiant Oximetry is tackling a critical unmet need – innovative technology that directly and accurately measures fetal oxygenation during labor.

Electronic fetal monitoring

Electronic fetal monitoring is the most commonly used tool in obstetrics for over 70 years and has virtually eliminated unexpected intrapartum death, however it lacks any evidence to support its ability to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality.  

Category II tracings

Over 84% of all laboring women experience a Category II fetal heart rate tracing during labor, yet 99% of their newborns do not suffer birth asphyxia.  Furthermore, fetal heart rate monitoring fails to identify 50% of the newborns born with significant acidosis.1

Cesarean rate

The C-section rate has skyrocketed in the US since the 1970's. One in three women will undergo a cesarean delivery and 90% of these women will have another cesarean with a subsequent pregnancy.  These major abdominal surgeries carry risks such as hemorrhage, infection, sepsis and organ injury.  It is estimated that half of cesareans are medically unnecessary.

Why Invest?

Novel technology

Raydiant Oximetry is poised to deliver a first-to-market commercial product that meets the goals of all its key stakeholders - patients, providers and healthcare systems.

Making a difference

The company is targeting an FDA indication that addresses 80% of annual births.

Breakthrough status

Our technology has already received the coveted FDA Breakthrough designation and is protected by four families of patents.

Affordably priced

Lumerah™ is priced in such a way that it will be a viable monitoring option globally while still offering attractive margins to its investors.

Seamless integration

The technology seamlessly integrates with current FHR monitoring, causing no disruption to existing hospital workflows.

Strong support

Raydiant Oximetry has been funded by the NIH, NSF, and private accredited investors.

Current Investors

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