• In the United States 1.2 million C-sections are performed each year, making it the most commonly performed surgery.

  • Approximately 300,000 of these C-sections are performed as emergency surgeries for suspected fetal distress. 

  • 99% of these emergency C-sections are deemed unnecessary due to inaccurate fetal monitors.

  • C-sections cost 50% more than vaginal births for commercial and Medicaid payers.

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Addressing the need for better fetal monitors. Raydiant Oximetry is introducing a new vital sign: the proprietary Raydiant Index.
Raydiant Oximetry uses the principles of pulse oximetry to measure fetal oxygen levels. Raydiant’s solution will provide a more accurate indicator of fetal distress, reduce unnecessary C-section rates, and improve maternal and fetal outcomes. 

Raydiant Oximetry has developed a novel technology to keep mothers and babies safe during childbirth.