A device to more accurately
detect fetal distress

We are introducing new technology to more accurately detect fetal distress, using noninvasive, transabdominal fetal pulse oximetry.


Pulse oximetry was invented in 1974 by Dr. Takuo Aoyagi. Commonly referred to as the 5th vital sign, pulse oximetry's rapid adoption has shifted the paradigm in patient safety.  Today, pulse oximetry exists in virtually every clinical setting as a means to diagnose low oxygen levels. Yet, no such technology currently exists for fetuses. Raydiant Oximetry is introducing Lumerah™, a safe, noninvasive fetal pulse oximeter that measures fetal oxygen saturation without adversely affecting the labor process.

maternal-fetal medicine

Offering greater accuracy and insight into fetal health, obstetrical providers no longer need to depend solely on the fetal heart rate, allowing them to make better-informed decisions and provide improved patient care.1

Why Lumerah?

Obstetrical providers struggle to determine which category II fetal heart rates will lead to newborn injury, as over 99% of these Category II tracings are false alarms or false positives. Lumerah's noninvasive sensor allows a direct measure of fetal oxygenation.

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The science behind the proprietary
Raydiant Index

Using principles of pulse oximetry to directly measure fetal oxygen levels, the proprietary Raydiant Index vital sign is measured by Lumerah™, a safe, external, single-use photonic sensor.  Preclinical studies have shown high sensitivity and specificity in detecting fetal distress.

Increased sensitivity and specificity

LumerahTM, in conjunction with CTG, will improve fetal surveillance during labor by improving the sensitivity and specificity for the detection of fetal distress.

Key Features

Due to its life-saving potential, the FDA has already assigned Lumerah™ ‘Breakthrough Device’ status in order to fast-track its market approval.
In pre-clinical trials, the device has proven to be significantly more accurate than FHR monitors, increasing diagnostic accuracy by 80%.
Ease of Use
The device is easy to use, its data simple to interpret and integrates easily into existing technology.
Single-use disposable device is completely portable and convenient to deploy.
Reassurance to continue labor and confidence to intervene.

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